Posted on Friday, 29 August


she wears short skirts

i wear nothing because i am the disembodied incorporeal form

she’s a flapper

i am the eyes of T. J. Eckelburg

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5 Things That Are Better Than Sex

Posted on Wednesday, 27 August


  1. Arcade Fire EP
  2. Funeral
  3. Neon Bible
  4. The Suburbs
  5. Reflektor


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this girl curved EVERYONE


hopes and dreams shattered

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Posted on Monday, 25 August

Posted on Monday, 25 August

"Where are you going?"
"It may be hard to explain but if you ever get there, come find me and nothing would ever pull us apart."

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So, I’m actually glad I randomly decided to read the script for this movie because it had the title and artist of this song, the one they were listening to on the train on the way to the beach, there’s a few great songs that got left off the soundtrack.

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Posted on Monday, 25 August


Your shadow follows me all day

Making sure I’m okay and

We’re a million miles away

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Posted on Monday, 25 August


Too lovely for words.

Posted on Monday, 25 August

"I’m trying to write a piece of music that’s about what it feels like to be on the beach with you right now."

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how do i get abs without doing anything


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These, for me, are the two most depressing paintings in western history. They were painted by post-impressionist Henry de Toulouse-Lautrec, a man who, due to inbreeding, was born with a genetic disorder that prevented his legs from growing after they were broken. After being so thoroughly mocked for is appearance, he became an alcoholic, which is what eventually caused his institutionalization and death. His only known romantic relations were with prostitutes.

And then he paints something like this which is so beautiful and tender and sentimental. It seems like the couple in bed really loves each other—cares about each other. Wakes up happy to look at each other. And I see that love and passion and I wonder how lonely he must have been. I wonder how he could paint something like this without it breaking his heart. 

Maybe they say artists should create what they know, not because its unbelievable when they extend themselves beyond their experiences, but because when they pull it off with such elegance, it’s so damn unbearable to look at. I hate thinking of Lautrec, wondering about the lovers he created and knowing it was beyond his experience. Creating something that he knows is beautiful and knows he’ll never really understand. 

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